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Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Andronowski is an Undergraduate Content Lead (Anatomy) for MUN's Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Program. She advises on the scheduling and sequence of the anatomy curriculum and assessment, and her and her team deliver anatomy lectures and lab sessions for Phase I and II learners in the Doctor of Medicine program. During her tenure as UCL, Dr. Andronowski has restructured the anatomy laboratory content to implement various hands-on learning opportunities and medical technology (e.g., Anatomage Table) in the laboratories for students to best utilize MUN's collections of plastinated and wet specimens, and the newly renovated multidisciplinary labs and cadaver facility.

Dr. Andronowski further developed a new YouTube channel for MUN’s Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with Dr. Michael Wahl that includes informative videos and hands-on demonstrations aimed at breaking down complex anatomical and clinical concepts. The channel was officially launched in August 2021, and the informational videos can be viewed on MUNmedicine's YouTube page.

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