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Research Assistants

David Bennin


Master's Student

Bioscience of Health and Disease

Memorial University of Newfoundland

David Bennin.jpg

David Bennin, Research Assistant

David Bennin is a research assistant in Dr. Andronowski’s lab and a Master of Science in Medicine candidate at Memorial University of Newfoundland, graduating in May 2024. He holds a BSc in Medical Laboratory Science, which laid the foundation for his research into calcium metabolism. His work, "Role of Cyp24a1-mediated calcitriol metabolism in regulating fetal bone and mineral metabolism," has been published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research Plus. His work was presented at the ASBMR annual Conference in 2023. He is looking into getting into a PhD program. 



Outside Academia, David has explored the financial markets through forex trading, blending his medical science background with financial insights. This unique mix positions him well for a future where he can bridge healthcare and finance.  David's dream is to become an equity research analyst. In this role, he sees a perfect marriage of his passions, using his medical science knowledge and financial market expertise to inform and inspire investment in healthcare innovation.

Nafiza Haque

M.Sc., '23

BioMedical Sciences

Memorial University of Newfoundland

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Nafiza Haque, Research Assistant

Nafiza Haque is a Research Assistant in the Andronowski Lab. With over six years of diverse experience in the medical field, Nafiza is a dedicated healthcare professional committed to advancing medical knowledge. With a Master's in Medicine in Human Genetics and a Bachelor's in Medicine and Surgery, she served as a practicing physician in Bangladesh, gaining expertise across various medical specialties. Nafiza's commitment to education is evident in her role as a Teaching Assistant for Cell Biology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her research contributions include a published pilot clinical trial seeking a novel therapeutic agent for Osteoarthritis. Nafiza possesses a comprehensive skill set covering clinical assessment, laboratory techniques, genomic research, and data analysis. Currently, as a research assistant, she actively seeks to expand her experience in the field of clinical research.

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