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Andronowski Lab, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Who are we?

We are a CIHR-, NSERC-, and NIH-funded lab investigating skeletal biology from a microscopic (histomorphological) perspective and its application to human anatomy, human health, and forensic anthropology. In particular, we apply 2D and 3D imaging techniques to the study of microscopic features of human bone to further understandings of how bone remodeling is related to age-associated conditions, such as osteoporosis, and bone aging in general. Our research includes both a strong laboratory component and the use of high-resolution 3D imaging modalities such as laboratory micro-CT (µCT)  and synchrotron radiation-based micro-CT (SRµCT) imaging. 

Interested in joining the lab?

We are looking for graduate and/or undergraduate students with an interest in bone biology. Please contact Dr. Andronowski for more information.

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